I’ve been rather intrigued by the fact that certain sessions in the SLA short program brochure have a big WOW! written beside them.  Between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. today there were four such WOW-ers indicated among the 18 sessions that were occurring simultaneously.  I planned to visit all four of them to find out if they had attracted a wow-able amount of audience share.  Unfortunately two of the four had dismissed early and before I got there, but the one pictured above certainly did appear to draw a crowd. 

Guess which one it was:

a)  Adapting DSpace for a Major Corporation
b)  Giving Meaning to Customer Engagement
c)  Knowledge Nexus:  The Special Library of the Future
d)  Speak as if Your Career Depended Upon It

Got your answer?

I can’t say which session was actually the largest. The one on DSpace had been held in a large room, but the room was empty by 12:15.  Giving Meaning to Customer Engagement had them standing in the aisles, but the room was small.  And the one on the Special Library of the Future had also been held in a smaller room.

So . . . WOW!  Did you guess it?   This bumper crowd showed up to learn how to be a better speaker, a basic skill I’m sure we can all use a few pointers on.  When I entered the room the instructor was reviewing tips on posture and stance. 

Dick Kaser
ITI VP, Content

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