Some Nuggets from the Synergy Session

Following up on Dick’s summary of yesterday’s general session, I wanted to provide some additional comments and advice from this excellent panel of experts. Looks like curiosity might kill the cat but it seems to be just what is needed as a core competency for information professionals. Both Cliff and Eugenie mentioned it. Cliff’s advice: be adaptable (in our fast changing environment, keep an eye on the broader view) and be curious. Eugenie mentioned that it isn’t not so much as technological competency that is required but leadership. Her list of recommended skills included curiosity, creativity, courage, conviction, and communication skills.
 I asked the panel afterward about their reactions to the questions posed during the session. Cliff said some of the questions were deep and complex, such as the one on privacy and ethics. That alone could constitute a full conference. Cliff said he had expected more about the future of technology. Stephen commented that no one had asked about the global and international issue.
Paula J. Hane
News Bureau Chief, ITI

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