Lunch with (the late) John Denver

I must confess that when I walked through the hall where SLA was serving lunch today, it REALLY did sound like John Denver singing. The song was even Rocky Mountain High, one of Denver’s biggest hits. 

I don’t know what I was expecting, but when I saw the SLA program listing for "Lunch with John Denver," I had thought it was a touch on the macabre side, given that Denver died in a plane crash nearly 10 years ago (October 1997), a fact notably omitted in the biography on the official Web site, linked above. 

Nonetheless, I thought it not inappropriate for SLA to honor the performer who took the name of this city—-real name:  Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.  Still, I was a bit shocked to see that the young man on the platform singing in a crystal clear John Denver voice did not resemble him in the least.  

But, given that the room where lunch was being served was so large, few probably could see him anyway.  Who was it said, it’s the thought that counts?

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