CCC’s Rightsphere Offers One-Click Permissions

Bill Cohn, Product Manager, Rightsphere, gave me a personal demo of the new service from CCC that is designed to provide instantaneous permission to users in a company or other enterprise to do what they need to do with articles protected by copyright. 

Once a user identifies an article of interest, they simply click the Rightsphere tab on their browser and review a short list of optional uses that can be granted immediately, including e-mailing a copy of an article to a colleague, making photocopies for a meeting, or even posting the article on the Web.

Enterprise content managers will also appreciate the back-office functions built into the service for tracking the terms of various content licenses they may have with aggregators.  Once the terms of the license are entered into the system, Rightsphere will govern who can see what and do what, under the terms of each deal.

ITI has featured the new service in the current issue of Information Today, in an exclusive article by editor-in-chief Barb Brynko, "Rightsphere–A Big Vote of Confidence."

Dick Kaser
ITI VP, Content

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