All in a Night’s Work

As Marydee noted in her post (below), we had a full dance card of invitations for last night’s vendor receptions.  We were able to attend only a few.  We ran into many old business associates and made some new contacts in the process. 


Upper Left:  Jay Trolley (Thomson) , second from left, poses with members of the ITI editorial staff:  Barb Brynko (far left), Dick Kaser and Paula Hane (right) at the Thomson/Dialog reception, Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Upper Right:  ITI’s Walter McQuillen and Scott McFarland (Wolters-Kluwer), left, at Ovid’s reception, Palm Restaurant.

Lower Left:   At Elsevier’s reception, a generally camera-shy Marydee Ojala gave me a big smile . . .

Lower Right:  . . . and big smiles all around.

Dick Kaser
ITI, VP, Content

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