This morning’s opening session–dubbed the "Synergy Session"–in the Korbel Ballroom featured Information Today’s own CEO Tom Hogan, Sr. (left screen), SLA President-Elect Steve Abram (right screen), CNI’s Cliff Lynch and Information Professional Eugenie Prime.  

The session was conducted in an innovative Q&A open conversation format, based on questions submitted by SLA members.  Of 60 submitted questions, said Hogan, who was acting as moderator, 10 were selected for discussion. 

In answer to how the value of information professionals could be improved, Prime said that, "First we must be convinced of our own value, and then we have to deliver and communicate results."  She stressed the importance of using stories to "add flesh to statistics."

On the question of why OPACs are not appreciated, Abrams had a few choice words:  "OPACs do a lot of stuff really well, but they do not generate a good user experience."  

While not arguing with the need for a good user experience, Lynch observed that the idea of giving users "the Google experience," which is often mentioned in this context, is "largely wrong."  The essence of the Google experience, he said, is not so much about search as it is "the instantaneous access to whatever you find, one click, anytime, right to the source."

I’m sure my fellow bloggers will have other reports to share from the very energetic and, yes, synergistic opening session.

DIck Kaser
ITI V.P, Content

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