Meet Astronaut Tom Henricks . . .


He flew four Space Shuttle missions and was the first person to log over 1000 hours in space.

Today Tom Henricks is a publisher–President of Aviation Week (McGraw-Hill)–but by his remarks this afternoon, you could tell he is still in love with the stars.

I planned to only stay long enough to get a picture and quote, but I found his talk so riveting I missed completely the other sessions I had wanted to attend.  Henricks shared video clips and still photos from his missions, describing what it was like to be an astronaut.
"It’s been 50 years this October since Sputnik launched," he said. "In that time, less than 480 humans have been in space and only 120 have been more than once."

He recalled how as a boy living on a farm in Ohio, he had watched the ECHO balloon on the horizon at sunset. 

"Most people don’t realize," he said, "that on a clear night you can see the International Space Station overhead.  There are sites online where you can find when things are visible in your area."

I found this one:  

The purpose of  Henricks’ talk was to explore how more young people can be encouraged to explore careers in the great, wide yonder . . . how to "create that spark that ECHO did for me."  If I were a tad younger, he would have convinced me.

Dick Kaser
ITI VP, Content

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