Why You Should and Should Not Take the Bus

Up and down the 16th Street Mall is a free bus service. We rode the free bus last evening to go to Larimer Square for dinner. The good part: it’s free, convenient and you’re not walking (good if you’ve walked all day, you’re tired and your feet hurt). The bad part: it’s slow (but that might have just been last night’s service, since it was really crowded) and you’re not walking (bad if you need the exercise since you’ve been sitting all day on a plane). The fact that it was so crowded meant it was impossible to have a conversation.

We walked back , which had several advantages. We stopped at an art gallery in Writer’s Square that has original prints of Dr. Seuss — who knew some of his cartoon characters drink martinis? We also kept running into people we knew, both from AIIP (Association of Independent Professionals) and SLA. It makes Denver seem like a small town where you know everybody. Really delightful!

Marydee Ojala

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