What’s Hot With RSS

Memo to Jane Dysart and the conference organizers:  Anytime you have a session entitled “What’s Hot…”, prepare for an overflow crowd.  Steve Cohen’s talk on RSS was no exception, and even the overflow room overflowed! At first, Steve cowered before the onslaught…

but he soon recovered.

RSS is hitting the big time:  Firefox, Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7 all come with built-in RSS readers.  And it will continue to be hot because more and more content has been enabled; in fact, it’s getting difficult to find a site that is not RSS-enabled! 

So what’s the latest on RSS?  What’s the best reader?  How do you keep up with all the feeds?  A crowd of CIL attendees came to hear Steve Cohen tell how RSS has changed his life and the way how he views and accesses content.  He got right to the bottom line in no uncertain terms:  he loves Google Reader and feels like it makes him smarter and lets him assimilate more information.  Google Reader is easy to use and easy to understand.  You can share your feeds and subscribe to other users’ feeds.  Steve doesn’t go out to sites any more—they come to him.  The first thing he opens in the morning is his RSS reader, then Twitter, and then his e-mail. 

There are many tools and add-ons that provide interesting capabilities to RSS.  See Steve’s wiki site for more information and links to them. 

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and CIL 2007 Blog Coordinator

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