How Do You Manage Projects?

When a new project starts in your organization, what do you do?  The typical way has been to call a meeting of everyone concerned, set a calendar and assign tasks, then create a document summarizing the meeting and send it to the participants.  But what if another person joins the project later on, or you have forgotten to include someone?  The whole process must be repeated, and the complexity grows rapidly.  And what happens a year later, when you need to refer back to one of the project documents.  Will you be able to find it?

Blogs and wikis have opened up new and attractive ways of managing projects, as described by Nicole Engard (shown above at right with Jill Hurst-Wahl, session moderator), who described how her organization, Jenkins Law Library, solved these problems.  Blogs and wikis dramatically improve communication on projects, reduce e-mails, and because they can be made visible to everyone in the organization, ensure that nobody is left out.

Although Nicole and her team developed their own software platform, new open source colntent management platforms are now available.  One example is Joomla; others can be found by searching for "open source content management" on Google.

Visit Nicole’s blog, What I Learned Today, to view her presentation.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and CIL 2007 Blog Coordinator

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