Back @ School


I sat in on a session this afternoon in the "conference within a conference" known as Internet @ Schools East. And, just like in school, I actually learned something!

Dr. Carol Gordon was filling in for the scheduled speaker who couldn’t make it to DC due to the stormy weather in Massachusetts. She explained how younger students sometimes had trouble doing assignments in the library because they didn’t quite grasp concepts yet. For instance, how could they choose a "great athlete" to write about when they were too young to understand the concept of what really made an athlete great? How could they write about what made past comedians like Abbot & Costello funny when that type of humor had no relevance in the world they knew today? Often, Gordon said, teachers who didn’t consider these restrictions made the school librarians’ job much more difficult by sending students in to research things that they couldn’t fully understand.

Ensuring that all educators understand this psychology goes a long way toward enabling real learning.

~Kathy Dempsey

CIL Editor in Chief

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