Andy Carvin Giving Tuesday’s Keynote

Andy Carvin of National Public Radio gave Tuesday morning’s opening keynote, filling in for the scheduled speaker, Liz Lawley, who was ill. Despite his short notice, Andy did a bang-up job of enlightening and entertaining the audience.

Carvin concentrated on the start of and increase in user-generated news content. His whole presentation is worth seeing, so check this link: But for now, here are a few highlights:

Explaining the explosion of news posts by regular people, Carvin said, "What we’re seeng is a mass democratization of content" via social networking software. According to Pew stats, 48 million Americans have posted content online at some point in time. They used to be mostly young-ish, white, well-educated, suburban people. Now, he said, "The typical online content producer is no longer looking like me." Content creators have gotten more diverse as it’s taken less technology skills and less time to join the online movement.

He went on to highlight a number of really interesting news sites that are asking for and using content from everyday people. Small news organizations started it, but it’s become so popular — and so useful — that now even the big guys like CNN, Reuters,  and the BBC are doing it.

Thanks to this "citizen journalism," he said  "No single entity has a monopoly anymore on knowledge or a monopoly on ideas."


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