Spillover Keynote Audience

As other ITI bloggers have noted, this year CIL has a record turnout. The good part of that is the large number of people with whom to network, communicate, collaborate, and otherwise act 2.0-ish. The bad part is there weren’t enough chairs in the main conference room for the keynote speech by Lee Rainie. Never fear, technology to the rescue (well, sort of). The Hyatt is streaming Rainie’s speech into a secondary room next door to the main room. The sound is a bit low, but you can still hear him. The problem is that the videographer (if that’s the correct name) is only aiming his camera at the speaker; he’s not moving the camera to grab a shot of his slides as well. Rainie does a really good job of explaining what’s on his slides, even when they’re screen shots, but it would be nice to see them. Hopefully by tomorrow’s keynote that little glitch will be fixed.

Marydee Ojala

Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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