So Many People, So Much Content

The first session I attended this morning had something in common with the keynote — a room overflowing with people! So I moved down the hall into a room where the same session was being projected. That room was full too, but at least I found a nice spot to sit on the floor.

All of these people were there to hear David King talking about Planning & Implementing Library 2.0. One thing he said repeatedly was to make sure you have a reason to make your MySpace page, blog, wiki, or other 2.0 application. Knowing exactly why you’re doing it and who you’re doing it for will automatically guide your planning and content decisions.

"Goals are good," he emphasized, because they make you choose which direction to go in. Sound advice! Maybe that’s why so many people piled in to see David’s presentation.

~Kathy Dempsey

CIL Editor in Chief 




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