Tips For Successful Networking

Given some of the worries about social networking as expressed in my earlier post, here’s a few tips from Dave Pollard at Ernst & Young to assist the concerned.

Pollard’s four keys to success:

• Run several parallel experiments to find what works best for you.

• Select a few success stories to help convince top management or the doubters about the benefits to the company.

• Have a future vision. What would you really like to do for your company with a full suite of tools?

• Keep it simple and low cost with open source and widely used tools.

Some of these tips were illustrated when a questioner pointed out that when one’s work or ideas were going to be exposed in a corporate blog or wiki, people were likely to be at minimum circumspect about what they write and at worst would manipulate things to show themselves in the best possible light.

Pollard pointed out that this is why he suggests that you experiment first with a group of employees who already need to share documents and work collaboratively such as a geographically dispersed research project team. In which case you are already working with a group that buys in to a cooperative ethos. With luck that gives you a success story to build on and for others to learn from.

Put simply – just give it a go.

Jim Ashling
International Columnist
Information Today

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