What’s in a Name?

Remember when we thought Google was a funny-sounding name? Well, try "tesuji," a 100-percent open-source content management and search engine that’s the official search engine for Project Gutenberg. Tesuji "means the best move one can make in a given situation," according to the rules of the antique board game called "Go," said Anna Tothfalusi, M.D., account manager. Tesuji’s product line features four solution tools: Anacleto digital library, Anacleto corporate, Anacleto portal search, and Anacleto document management.

"We have chosen to concentrate on a few products to provide the maximum customization possible," she said. The site’s graphics and press materials are some of the best around. Company offices are in Rome, Hungary, and the United Arab Emirates (www.tesuji.eu).

Barbara Brynko
Editor in Chief
Information Today

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