Nstein, a Smarter Approach

Fascinating talk with Jean-Paul Chauve, VP of Nstein’s e-publishing division. I’m guessing his title will give it away, but the company is no longer seeking to provide indexing and categorization solutions to multiple industries. The company will focus on its core strength: the publishing industry. Nstein announced a partnership with Eurocortext, a European content management company with deep roots in publishing over here and the rumor is this will be more than a partnership. While Jean-Paul was mum on any details, he did allude to some interesting news coming later this week about an acquisition that will allow them to provide a unified end to end solution to the publishing industry that will leverage Nstein’s core competencies, as he said, “help publishers make the publishing process faster and leverage multiple business models—with content created by the publishers and their readers.”

–Michelle Manafy
Editor, EContent, Intranets, the Enterprise Search Sourcebook

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