Innodata-Isogen, Two Names That Mean… Business?

Barbara and I did a couple of joint meetings today. Lucky vendors: two editors for the price of one. Sitting with Jack Abuhoff, the company CEO, Barbara asked an insightful question: “What does the name mean?” It is, it turns out, hyphenate of two merged companies. More significantly, however, it mirrors the combination of the company’s parallel “processes.” Okay, this is one of those companies that everyone feels does good work but remains a bit of a mystery. Barbara and I did a bit of interrogation and it turns out that Isogen were content technology experts and Innodata were experts in project management. Abuhoff says that this seemingly disparate union yields the ability to help publishing companies of all kinds streamline content process. Wisely, the company has recognized that this is a difficult “solution” to pin down. Thus, it has opted to, and I quote, “product-ize” its offerings in to more comprehensible a la carte menu of vertical publishing solutions that will, according to Abuhoff, help publishers “develop a product quickly, at a lower cost, to delivery timely information.”

–Michelle Manafy, Editor of EContent & Barbara Brynko, Editor of Information Today

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