The (New) British Library

Lynne Brindley, head of The British Library, spoke on this morning’s panel about National Libraries: Setting the Information Agenda for Business and Society, moderated by Bob McKee, chief executive of CILIP. "We’re the world’s knowledge," she said, noting that this slogan appears on the flip side of all The British Library business cards. And it’s a "mission that we take very seriously," she said.

The value of the library has been felt on four "P" levels, from Positioning and Politics to Policy and a Practical reach far and wide. For every pound spent, the library has reaped 4.4 times the level of value, impressive figures that recently made it into the Financial Times (and it’s "jolly hard to get into the business papers," she said). The British Library is a trusted source that has started to unleash many successful contributions to the nation’s economy, from The British Library Manifesto (understanding copyright in the digital age) to The British Library’s Business and IP Centre (supporting business ventures and entrepreneurialship).

The British Library has opened its doors to a winning formula, which she described simply as "stuff and people," a powerful way to harness knowledge and couple it with expertise to redefine the new role of the library and its services.

Barbara Brynko
Editor in Chief
Information Today

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