2010 and beyond

Adrian Dale of Creatifica Associates was persuaded by conference chair, Martin White to stand in for an absent panellist with only five minutes notice this afternoon. Adrian is slated to be the conference chair for online information 2007, so Martin kindly decided to let him get his feet wet early.

The panel debated ‘The Information Agenda in 2010’ and managed to solicit enthusiastic participation from the session attendees. Futurology extends beyond three years, so the panellists were able to stretch the time to 2012 and beyond, not least because 2012 will see the first fully digital coverage of the Olympic Games.

A few trends to watch out for:

• Growing influence of Korea and China. Excellent information science research is going on in the east.

• Google bombing to become a growing problem as intentionally false stories get posted and proliferate.

• Better data visualisation techniques will be developed including non-screen manifestations of data.

• Traditional information providers such as professional institutions need to pick up on the social networking trends developed and adopted by the young.

• Digital material will be created with intelligent metadata already attached – intelligent information objects.

Jim Ashling
International Columnist
Information Today

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