30-Year Veteran Discovered

In response to Marydee’s request for those who have attended all 30 prior Online shows in London to identify themselves, it should come as no surprise that the show’s original owner and founder, Roger Bilboul (now chairman of Information Today, Inc.) quickly stepped forward.

In 1976 Roger started what was then known as the International On-Line Information Meeting (IOLIM).

Today, at his home in Kensington, Roger recalled that the first show was held in the Tara hotel (now the Copthorne Tara) before moving to the Cunard (now the Novotel Hammersmith) and finally to Olympia. All three venues are within a mile of each other. So, though the show has grown and morphed several times–and is now owned and operated by VNU–it has never gone far from its original home.

The first program in London, Bilboul recalled, was organized by Martha Williams, who for many years also organized the National Online Meeting in New York.

To reiterate Marydee’s request, if you have attended all 30 prior shows, please identify yourself to this blog team.

Dick Kaser
ITI, V.P. Content

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  1. Martin Whitehttp://www.intranetfocus.com December 3, 2006 at 9:29 pm #

    The first International Online Information Meeting was held at the Tara Hotel on 13-15 December 1977. I know because a)I was there and b) I wrote an account of the conference in Online Review 1978 (2)1, pp31-39. The Conference Chairman was Steve Stephens, then at the British Hydrodynamics Research Association.

    On that basis there have been 30 IOLIM/Online meetings. There has been a general view that the firstr event was in 1976, and indeed I thought that myself until I unearthed a reprint of my conference report earlier this year.

    The event has been held at four locations, not three. For at least one year, and maybe two, it was held at the Kensington Town Hall. I think this was in the 1980s but can’t be certain.

    I think I have missed only two conferences in that time, but have been to the exhibition every year

    Martin White
    Conference Chairman 1999 – 2006

    Martin White