Welcome to Live from London IV

When we covered the Online Information meeting here four years ago, it was the first time that ITI’s editors had ever blogged. And most people we encountered on the show floor had never heard of blogging.

For those of us used to the luxury of print production schedules and of having time to think before writing, the ability to publish on the fly was both frightening and invigorating. By the end of the show, my hotel room looked like a tornado had swept through it. But one of the first pictures we posted said it all, blogging was as fun as rock ‘n roll.

London Taxi, Dec. 2003

By Year 2 people were still wondering what we were up to. To hype awareness that year, we handed out little slips of paper to everyone we interviewed or photographed. Blogging was crossing over into the mainstream, but back at home, we were still regarding "Live from London" as a creative experiment.

Show handout, 2004

In Year 3, with everyone suddenly aware of blogs and bloggers everywhere, we brought more reporters to London and attempted more in-depth news coverage of the meeting, show, and related activities, including a couple of podcasts.

Online Information Badge, 2005

This year, we’re back with an even larger crew and the sheer aim of blogging for the thrill of bringing you our observations live, from Online Information London again.

So please set up your RSS readers and watch us do our work live for you. Show coverage starts Monday, November 27th.

Until then, please check out our coverage from prior years:

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Dick Kaser
ITI, V.P., Content

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