The Embedded Librarian

My newest favorite phrase is “Embedded Librarian.” That’s how Christopher Connell described library staff members at the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA) who become part of project teams. Chris was the presenter at “Information Skills and Enterprise Collaboration” this morning. Chris described the scenario at his workplace where most work is done by teams who work together in an electronic collaborative workspace, Microsoft SharePoint portals. Librarian team members bring to that space their particular set of job skills—the research, selection, organization, and delivery of content. He reported that at IDA librarians often have improved project outcomes, and reduced the amount of time it took for a team to complete its task. “Hello! Guess who was just appointed to her first project team a week before attending this conference?” That would be me, and while I was excited to become part of a project team at Unisys, I am now even more excited at the prospect of being able to report to my team members that having an “embedded librarian” has been done before in an enterprise environment, and that it works. Internet Librarian delivers again!

Pat Feeney
Unisiys Corporation and Infotodayblog Guest Blogger

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