Keesing’s—a Boutique Service

Cruising the exhibit hall today, I came across a familiar name from the past—Keesing’s. Years ago I used Keesing’s Contemporary Archives in print (which became Keesing’s Record of World Events in 1987). I stopped to chat with publisher Jonathan Hixon and client services representative Jennifer Vancura. They were excited to give me a sneak peak at the new full archive service the company plans to launch December 1. The new World News Archive is a Web-based database comprising nearly 100,000 articles published since 1931. The company still stands upon its strict editorial controls and reputation for accuracy. Hixon said, “We’re a small boutique information service that does one thing well.” He stressed that they are writing “for the record.” I’ll take a close look at the new service in a NewsBreak when it launches.

Paula J. Hane
News Bureau Chief
Information Today, Inc.

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