Getting More and More Mobile

Did you know that the number of mobile phones now surpasses the number of land lines?It’s time to start thinking seriously about how to serve these mobile people.

Today’s Track B, called Hand-Held Mobile Information, has been packed with interesting tidbits about how to optimize content for mobile devices (hand-held computers, cell phones, etc.) and who’s already done it.

One thing to understand, according to Megan Fox from Simmons College (who’s on the organizing committee for this conference), is that mobile users don’t just want a shrunken version of your usual web site — “They want just the key nuggets.” Indeed, regular web sites are way too clunky to use on these tiny screens. Also, apps that use Flash and JavaScript often get stripped out when content gets optimized for mobile devices. You need to be aware of many such things if you’re trying to mobilize your content.

I saw many people using mobile devices during this show. And I heard the soft tapping of a lot of various-sized keyboards during this track’s sessions!

Kathy Dempsey
Editor in Chief, Computers in Libraries magazine
Editor, Marketing Library Services newsletter

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