The Gary and Steven Show

One of the top tools for keeping up is Web page watchers. Gary Price said that if attendees take one new thing from the session it would be to try out the service called WebSite Watcher. It costs about $40 but proves invaluable in time savings. It’s also a great link-checker, according to Steven Cohen. For Mac users, there’s TrackEngine. A free resource is, but it has tended to be unreliable at times. Several new services Gary mentioned as worth trying out are squeet and ZapTXT. So many cool tools, so little time!…

In Gary’s coverage of multimedia tools he covered both free and paid services from TVeyes. A new service from Nexidia is in public beta now–.”the accuracy blows me away,” said Price.

Steven raved about the WishList Amazon feed generator ( Both speakers praised, a service that I’ve been impressed with. Check the Internet Librarian Web site after the show for the full list of links covered.

Paula J. Hane
News Bureau Chief
Information Today, Inc.

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