My Monday–So Much To Learn!

I spent the late morning and two sessions in the afternoon following Track A: Information Discovery & Search. Mary Ellen Bates gave us all “30 Search Tips,” Greg Notess told us about “New Search Strategies,” and Gary Price and Steven Cohen taught us all how to stay “One Click Ahead.” Despite assurances to the contrary given at Sunday’s “Searcher’s Academy,” much of the content was repetitive, and at first this was annoying. I soon realized, though, that because most of the information presented was unknown to me before hearing it on Sunday, having a refresher course on Monday was time well spent. RSS & Foxfire—it’s about time we got better acquainted. Rollyo, and Squidoo–who/what the heck are you anyway? I need time—much more time—to absorb all I’ve heard in the last 24 hours!

I was lured from Track A to a session in Track B “OPAC Tips and Tricks,” which turned out to be called “Creating Synergy Between Your Website and Catalog.” Call it what you may, it was a terrific session. I am in the midst of a long-overdue upgrade to the OPAC used by the four libraries at Unisys. When completed, it will contain many new bells and whistles, but, oh my, there is so much more that could be done. My favorite is to have Amazon records contain holdings info taken from the Unisys OPAC! It’s being done elsewhere, and I like the exposure and outreach it gives to the libraries.

A brief trip through the Exhibits capped off the day, but I will return to them when I free up some time between sessions over the next two days—there was a lot to see!

Pat Feeney
Manager, West Coast Information Center
Unisys Corporation


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