Where Are Delaware and Mississippi? – Talk To Us!

Tom Hogan, Sr. just mentioned that the 2 states not represented here are Delaware and Mississippi. Interesting.

Every year, these states differ. It could be because attendees from those states that came last year were either bored, unhappy with the show, or (most likely) couldn’t attend this year for other reasons.

This leads me to providing feedback.

It is extremely important that you provide ITI with any feedback about the conference. If the lecture rooms are too cold, tell us. If a presenter rocked your world, tell us. If the bathroom lines are too long, tell us (Men, a word of caution: Male bathrooms become ladies rooms very quickly). If they run out of decaf….tell the hotel. 🙂

Feedback is so important that ITI has now added comments to their blog. It’s officially a blog, folks. Yay!

So, let us know how you feel about the blog. Comment on the posts, send feedback, talk to us!

– Steven M. Cohen

One Response to “Where Are Delaware and Mississippi? – Talk To Us!”

  1. Anonymous October 27, 2006 at 5:17 pm #

    This is Delaware. We at DSU did not attend due to administration issues. Papers work was not signed. We reserved the hotel and airline. We regret we could not come this year.

    We hope we can come next year. Thanks for the blogging.