The Jenny and Michael Show!

I haven’t seen Jenny or Michael in a very long time and it was thrilling to catch up. I turned to Aaron Schmidt and said that it felt like a reunion for me.

I thought that there would be more people in this room. Granted, it’s packed, but I thought that it would overflow. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe many people know about this stuff already and want to learn new things. How cool is that? Also, this is a public libraries track so the corporate and academics librarians probably went elsewhere. No worries, there will be plenty of 2.0 stuff to go around.

Michael is such a wonderful speaker. Unlike most, he knows how to use PowerPoint well. Yay!

Michael’s first list of the conference.

+ Let’s expand out brand
+ The Librarian 2.0 blog
+ It’s ok to make mistakes
+ Create a culture of trust
+ Don’t have crummy meetings
+ We need to Market ourselves better.


Helene Bowers – Learning 2.0

She is doing a full out 2.0 training for her staff to make sure that they know about it and are comfortable with it. This is very important. How can we expect to get our patrons excited about this stuff if we can’t get our staff excited?

She thinks that the most important part of Learning 2.0 is using RSS. Obviously, I couldn’t agree more. Any social software tool without RSS is useless, IMO. RSS started all of this, bringing people together, and making it easy to read lots of content in a short amount of time.

Helene is very excited about her work and her ideas are highly contagious. Go back to your library and teach your staff!! Then market their ideas!!

– Steven M. Cohen

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