More Pre-Conference Sessions

I checked in to a couple of the pre-conference sessions yesterday. Most of them appeared to be the standard format, with a presenter speaking from the podium, but in the one on project management, I found attendees actually managing projects! They were gathered in groups around the tables with charts, Post-It notes, and then they were putting some of the charts on the wall for discussion. Hands-on practice is one of the best learning experiences! (In the picture at right , you see Mary Auckland, the instructor, helping a group.)

Below is Greg Notess, who we saw in an earlier post getting fueled up with breakfast. Evidently, he was well fueled–notice how he doesn’t need the microphone!

Pre-conference and post-conference sessions provide valuable learning experiences and are a feature of most ITI conferences. Perhaps you should consider attending one in the future. They even include lunch–a great networking opportunity.

Don Hawkins
IL2006 Blog Coordinator and Columnist, Information Today

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