Here Are The Numbers

Tom Hogan Sr, CEO of Information Today, Inc., opened the conference and gave us some attendance statistics. This is the 10th Internet Librarian conference. All but three of them have been held here in Monterey.

Here are the numbers:
–Attendees come from 48 states (see Steve Cohen’s post below) and 9 countries outside the US.
–There are 1,250 registered attendees, making this the best IL conference ever.
–50 attendees have signed up for Exhibits Only
–There are 115 exhibitors

So the total attendance is 1,415, of which 130 are speakers and moderators.

By any measure, IL 2006 is a very successful conference. Why? Think of the keywords you might associate with it: Internet, Librarian, Monterey, October. No wonder IL remains popular!

Crowds filled the ballroom and the overflow area. (For the first time ever, the ballroom at the Monterey Marriott couldn’t hold everyone, and an overflow area was set up outside.)

Don Hawkins
IL2006 Blog Coordinator and Columnist, Information Today

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