The Lubuto Project

A session with no overflows, but which should have attracted more interest was Jane Meyers, speaking on the Lubuto Library Project , which is a project to build libraries for orphans in Zambia. With AIDS rampant in Africa, many children have been orphaned and need a library collection to ehlp them learn to read. Jane mentioned that the kids want to learn English and may not even know the language their parents spoke. There’s an architectural team from San Francisco coming to Zambia to design libraries that fit the culture of the country. She had models of the libraries to show us. She also mentioned that some things, such as labeling books by reading level, that seem discriminatory in the U.S. are accepted and welcomed in Africa.

The project is looking for books, but not remainders. They need both fiction and nonfiction. They’re developing their own classification scheme. They need funding and Jane asked if anyone could connect the project with funding. They can also use volunteers. They also need space to sort and package the books. At the moment, they have some donated space in Washington DC.

Marydee Ojala
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