The Business of SLA

The business meeting this year was rather sparsely attended, probably because there were no burning issues upon which the membership was being asked to vote. So here’s some high points.

The treasurer, Gloria Zamora, reported the “sexy” information that the association has consolidated the monies from 10 funds into four to increase our investment opportunities and that we ended the fiscal year with a surplus of $135,000.

SLA’s CEO, Janice LaChance, said that the conference had, so far, attracted 5,551 attendees–more than Toronto. She’s started a new blog called InfoX (and, yes, she asked ITI’s permission to use that moniker). Lots of partnerships are happening: ITI is one and SIIA is another. SLA is looking for advertising opportunities to build awareness and gain new members. “Why should we think small?” We need a renewal of purpose. SLA should build both its stature as an association and that of its members. “You have to be ready for the journey.”

President Pam Rollo reviewed her presidential strategy for the past year and talked about how the task forces performed (admirably). There’s an ongoing focus on membership and a commitment to review chapter management. We need to look outside ourselves. Branding and marketing should be ongoing. There is lots going on with education and professional development.

Incoming president Rebecca Vargha urged us to play hard and play together. She then outlined her plans for the upcoming year.

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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