Off and On the Virtual Shelf

Is business going well for Kari Paulson? You bet.

The president of Ebook Library (EBL) is adding titles and clients to her company that’s growing in leaps and bounds around the world. “Growth has tripled for us,” she said, noting that 2,000 titles a month are being added to the collection of 35,000 current titles. Government, applied research, as well as public and academic libraries are among the top growing sectors.

EBL differs from other e-book providers in a few ways, she said. Collections can be customized to the needs of a university, research librarians, and clients. Libraries also can control their selection and budgeting processes, so there’s no need to buy anything that library patrons don’t need or won’t use. EBL also offers title-by-title selection of e-books for multiple concurrent access and electronic reserve. Plus, there’s also chapter-level lending and course-pack tools.

Barbara Brynko
Editor in Chief
Information Today

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