Did you get the right answers?

Creating buzz around the H.W. Wilson booth was the reference publishers’ most recent retrospective collection: Applied Science and Technology Index (1913-1983).

Wilson was also sponsoring a contest, with results to be announced at the end of today.

Questions on the quiz were:

1. What infamous actor was born in Baltimore, MD, on May 10, 1838?

2. What famous biologist born in Baltimore was known as “the zoo lady” because she was the founder of the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center?

3. What famous cosmetics company executive–founder, president, and chairman of the board of the company bearing her name–died on October 18, 1966.

The answers were, according to the Wilson flier, to be found in the Wilson Biography Reference Bank.

I decided to see if I could also find them on Google . . . with these results:

A1: John Wilkes Booth (okay I guessed, which made the search easier. My search statement: John Wilkes Booth born May 10, 1838.)
A2: Sharon Matola (my search statement: Belize Zoo “Zoo Lady”)
A3: Elizabeth Arden (my search statement: cosmetic executive died October 18, 1966.)

It took about 10 minutes of googling to get these answers. But are they right?

Quite frankly, I would have felt more comfortable searching in the Wilson database, and besides I would have ended up with the official biographies on these fascinating Baltimore natives . . . so the old adage applies, you get what you pay for.

My congratulations to whoever won the prize.

Dick Kaser
ITI VP, Content

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