Caputo Shares History of Baltimore at Factiva Reception

Using the skyline outside Baltimore’s World Trade Center as her canvas, Anne Caputo, Factiva’s Director of Info Pro and Academic Programs, painted a beautiful picture this evening of this "city of charms," during a private reception for Factiva’s customers.

Some 30 years ago, when the city of Baltimore was planning to renew itself, she explained, the idea was to issue charm braclets to visitors. As the tourists visited key sites, such as Fort McHenry–out beyond the distant smokestakes–they would receive a charm to place on their bracelets. The plan never materialized. Yet, the city is still known as the city of charms, she said.

I am sure I was not the only one assembled for the very tasteful reception who found Anne’s tale of the city’s history a charming nightcap to a productive day.

Dick Kaser
ITI V.P. Content

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