AnaVist: Visualizing the Results

Brian Sweet, Sr. Product Manager, STN, showed me how a search for information on laundry detergent can provide intelligence on who’s doing what in the field and how concepts related to products can be visually mapped.

The relatively new service from CAS/STN has been available for several months, but it was my first glimpse of what all the buzz is about.

Search results are displayed in various windows, which let the user see–using bar charts, scatter graphs, and highlighting–what specific companies are involved in the field, what individual researchers are doing, and what concepts in document titles and abstracts show a conceptual relationship to one another. In a nutshell the software lets researchers see where the action is without having to wade through the literature itself.

It’s simply amazing the things that technology is facilitating these days.

Dick Kaser
ITI VP, Content

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