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Monday afternoon’s session on “Texaco to Tasini to Legg Mason” was SRO (that’s standing room only). The topic? The session covered the basics of copyright law for digital works. Toby Pearlstein, director of global information services at Bain & Company, Inc., moderated the 90-minute talk as Laura Gasaway, director of the law library and professor of law at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), discussed the specifics.

Bill Burger, vice president of Copyright Clearance Center (sponsor of the session), was on hand to see more people crowding around the doorway to get into the room. He said he was not only impressed with the turnout for the session but for the attention that copyright issues are garnering at SLA and beyond. Burger reported that the staff at the CCC booth (No. 617) at SLA was busy fielding questions and offering demos on Rightsphere, the company’s latest enterprise solution on permissions and licensing that takes user guesswork out of the equation. Stop by and check out Rightsphere for yourself. For more information, see today’s NewsBreak at, written by (ahem) yours truly.

Barbara Brynko
Editor in Chief
Information Today

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