First Timers/Fellows Meeting

“Questions are more important than answers,” says Barbara Semonche, commenting on the First Timers meeting sponsored by the Fellows. It was a packed room with Susan DiMattia keeping us all in line. The First Timers heard many practical tips about how to handle the conference and it wasn’t just “wear comfortable shoes.” Anne Mintz shared how important SLA and the annual conference is for information professionals, I talked a bit about how publishing is important, and Buzzy Basch suggested we treat the exhibitors as guests in our homes (a really nice approach). But to get back to Barbara’s comment, the questions from the First Timers really set the tone and made the session a success. Whether you’ve been to 32 conferences (Buzzy), 29 (Donna Scheeder), or fewer, your first time is special. If you’re a long time conference attendee, watch for those purple First Timer ribbons and welcome our newest conference attendees. And if you’re the wearer of the color purple, don’t hesitate to talk to the rest of us. After all, sometime you might be the Fellow addressing First Timers.

Marydee Ojala
Editor ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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