The Digi TechForum: What IS 2.0?

The theme for the Digi TechForum (aka Dead Tech Session) last night was Web/Lib 2.0 versus Web/Lib 1.0. It provoked some outrageous commentary and many laughable moments. ITI VP Bill Spence said this is the first conference he’s been at where he hasn’t seen a floppy disk — how 1.0. An audience member quickly pulled one out and waved it at him! Better yet was when he mentioned a small band his 15-year-old daughter liked, and an attendee jumped up and shrieked that it was her son’s band! Rock on!

Darlene Fichter stole the show with a hilarious riff on how various people choose to weather the digital tech storm. She illustrated with examples such as hiding under a tin foil hat, complemented by a super cape, also in high-tech tin foil — and then gave both accessories away to audience members. Watch for them to show up soon on eBay.

A highlight of the evening was when Darlene dramatically donned a yellow slicker and unfurled not one, but two umbrellas to protect herself and the panel members from the thunder and lightning generated by high tech storms! (Note: The umbrellas were ITI’s gift to CIL speakers. Speaker gifts have become items of note since the “giant calculator” gift episode last fall at Internet Librarian.)

Stephen Abram wrapped up the evening with his anticipated comedy routine, laced with some on-point commentary. One memorable quote was his definition of end-user abuse as asking patrons to “search 450 databases one at a time, sequentially,” and asked librarians to vow that “we’ll make it better.” I certainly hope so!

An attendee commented afterward to Scott Brandt, who moderated the panel, “I’m so glad to know I’m not alone.”

Nancy Garman
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