Dead Technology Session

Dead technology is our affectionate name for our traditional fun evening program at CIL 2006, Digi TechForum: Dead & Emerging Technology. Cookies were great, speakers were wonderful — clever & funny!

Here’s some comments overhead today about the Dead Tech session.
In the elevator earlier today: “Are you going to the sesion tonight?” “Absolutely, wouldn’t miss it. Last year everyone talked about it the sessions the following day and I didn’t know what had been said at the Dead Tech session the night before!”
After the session: “Well, are you sorry you came tonight?” “No way!”
“Funny, but makes you think.”
Jane Dysart, Program Chair, CIL 2006

One Response to “Dead Technology Session”

  1. LibGuy March 23, 2006 at 4:32 am #

    The Dead Tech session was hilarious and informative as ever. But no free wireless around the conference (except for official bloggers I guess) sort made CIL more 1.0 than previous years 2.0. No access to wireless seems to highlight the need to move to a 2.0 wireless accessible location for the conference in the future.

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