KD’s Quote of the Day

I just finished my first full day of sessions and I have a favorite quote:

"Come on in; it’s like bein’ on Mars!"

Happily, this was not spoken to someone entering the CIL Conference space! It’s from the last speaker I just saw, David "Giz" Womack of Wake Forest University. He was describing a popular gaming event he organized where students were playing their Xbox and PS2 games, projected on large screens. The chaotic sounds of shooting (virtual) and hollering (real) were bringing other librarians to peek in the door to see what was going on. "Come on in; it’s like bein’ on Mars!" was how Giz invited them in to check out the event. 🙂

Mars in your library? If it’ll get the teens in there and excited about the library, why not?

Kathy Dempsey, CIL magazine Editor in Chief

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