T’was the Night Before the Conference…

And all through the hotel, not a person was stirring, not even the staff,
When down on the concourse there arose such a clatter
That I rushed down the escalator to see what was the matter.

The registration desk was bustling at five in the morning
To welcome the hundreds of early workshop attendees
Who came from afar as dawn was a-borning
To listen and learn and not just to see…

I’ve always wanted to write “The Night Before A Conference,” but obviously I’m no Clement Moore.

The night (and day) before a conference is exciting for everyone, including the staff at ITI who have spent months in the planning stages, the exhibitors who are building booths in the exhibit hall, the attendees who have traveled from dozens of countries, and the speakers who have proposed, then prepared and practiced their presentations –- of course for the bloggers who have been tuning up their blog tools!

If you have more, or better doggerel to add to my attempt above, please drop me a note, and I’ll post some more verses.

Nancy Garman
ITI, ngarman@infotoday.com
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