It’s Conference Time! Loading the Truck

Even Tom Hogan Sr gets into the act as everyone pitches in to get ready for next week.

No matter if we count pounds or boxes, we ship a lot of materials to Washington for Computers in Libraries 2006. With the registration numbers running well ahead of last year, all the staff is making lists and checking them twice to be sure we will be ready for “show time” next week.

John Yersak, VP of Administration, and head honcho at registration desk ran some numbers for me yesterday. His guesstimate is about 10,000 pounds of freight — think about boxes and boxes, and more boxes, of final programs, proceedings, and conference bags, (and think about how heavy your own bag feels at the end of a long conference day).

From the office at 143 Old Marlton Pike in Medford, we ship about 80 boxes, and then bring another 25 or so in the van that you see Tom Sr loading in this photo. That includes everything from staplers and pens for the registration desk to computers, monitors, printers, cables, and even the candy dishes. (Someone goes out to buy the candy after we get to Washington!)

Whew, I’m tired already! Keep your fingers crossed that all those boxes and pounds of freight arrive on schedule. But no matter what, you can count on the registration desk, and John’s crew, to be open and ready for action bright and early on Tuesday morning.

Nancy Garman
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