The Secret Sauce

Christopher Forbes, CEO of Knovel, took a few moments to provide a status report on his enterprise that now reaches into 40 countries around the world. With a subscription renewal rate of 97 percent for the sci-tech research platform, Forbes considers Knovel “the glue that brings information together.” The platform combines the navigational benefits of a database with the simple discovery of searching through a book. But the “secret sauce” that keeps Knovel on the cutting edge, says Forbes, is service. Listening to customers and customizing search capabilities is key. “The patent only gets you so far,” he says.

Just ask Peter Breithaupt from Shell Global Solutions who chatted first hand about the impact of incorporating Knovel into his operation at a luncheon and talk on "Providing Explicit Knowledge to Modern Integrated and Knowledge Driven Businesses." The ease of using the system was nearly flawless for his Shell group. A member of the audience was curious about how much training was required for his crew. His response: "Have you ever had training on Google?" Training for the Knovel platform was offered, but virtually none was needed.

Barbara Brynko
Editor in Chief
Information Today

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