Perfecting the Publishing Process

Anyone involved in publishing can appreciate that the process comes with its own set of problems … writers miss deadlines, editing gets delayed, fact-checking hits a snag. Wolters Kluwer Health has just taken most of the pain points out of publishing with PubFusion, an online content management solution that paves the way for an efficient workflow.

The single-source, single-view system tracks documents through the production process, coordinates schedules, and enforces deadlines (for editorial, advertising, art, layout, and permissions), and that’s just for starters. To-do lists and workflow diagrams (with color-coded icons) makes the process easy to use. Production managers can trace each stage of the process in real-time to customize schedules and deadlines for each project. PubFusion started as an internal project to manage Lippincott Williams & Wilkins’ medical journals (all 160 of them), but it didn’t take long for the word to get out. Patti Ward, director of editorial solutions for Wolters Kluwer Health’s Medical Research Division, said PubFusion actually reduced production cycle time for its journals by an average of 10 percent. It also increased production capacity by 50 percent, sliced delivery time, and reduced production postage costs (by routing materials online) by 60 percent. “These are real numbers with a real impact,” said Ward.

“PubFusion is built upon the EMC Documentum [5 Digital Asset Management] platform,” according to Ward, “and Flatirons Solutions can deliver optional in-house solutions for customers who prefer their own system.” PubFusion’s release is expected in spring 2006.

Barbara Brynko
Editor in Chief
Information Today

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