Hassle-Free Copyright Permisssions

Whether you spell “license” with “se” or “ce” at the end of the word, copyright licensing is a growing concern for publishers and users on either side of the pond. Just take a look at the buzz around Google Print’s digitization efforts lately.

The U.S.-based Copyright Clearance Center now represents more than 9,600 publishers and manages rights to more than 1.75 million works. CCC’s Bill O’Brien and Jake Kelleher introduced me to RightsLink, a newly revamped point-of-content licensing solution that takes the mystery out of the permissions process. The quick (and painless) demo offered “seamless access” to permissions and reprints (as well as price quotes and shipping info) without leaving the original site.

Likewise, the Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd. represents 120,000 authors and 1,500 publishers in the U.K. In August, CLA set up a trial licence with the Universities UK/SCOP that allows member universities and colleges to copy and scan excerpts from books, journals, and magazines. The new scanning rights are geared to helping institutions of higher learning “meet the demand for electronic-based learning and teaching materials.”

Barbara Brynko, Editor in Chief

Information Today

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