Awards Ceremony

OK, the last post gave you the facts on the awards. It didn’t give the flavor of the awards. So here’s my take — and it’s purely personal, so you’re completely free to disagree. The awards are UK-centric. I was at a table with all British persons and they knew many of the award winners and the shortlisted organizations. I didn’t. My French colleague at another table didn’t. Most of the people attending the banquet were British. (And my table independently voted adjacent Table 4, whoever was sitting there, as the biggest yobs of the evening, for their loud talk throughout the presentations and their ability to detract from the formal surroundings by acting more like football louts than information professionals.)

Many of the awards were highly deserved. In my opinion, the addition of Martin White to the list of those receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award is truly inspired. He deserves every bit of it. I did manage to capture a photo of Martin with last year’s winner, Carol Tenopir.

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals

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