What’s in a Name?

Don’t go looking for Dialog in this year’s Online Information show guide. It’s not listed.

And if you follow the ceiling banners for “ISI,” don’t be surprised if you wind up talking about financial conditions in developing nations instead of Web of Science.

There’s nothing wrong with either the program listings or the signage. Both trusted brands have been subsumed by the corporate imprimatur of “Thomson Scientific.”

It goes ditto for Derwent.

In recent years, one would have found the three in separate exhibit stands clustered around a suspended Thomson sign. But this year, the stands have been merged.

No one is officially willing to speculate about what this most recent change means, other than to say it represents a new branding strategy for the Thomson companies.

There is, however, a little unofficial chatter that it could imply more.

Dick Kaser
ITI V.P., Content

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