What’s in a Look?

The Thomson companies aren’t the only ones with a new branding strategy. Wolters-Kluwer has a new concept, too.

Just as Dialog, ISI, and Derwent are now more closely encapsulated by the Thomson Scientific brand (see blog post below), Ovid has now been more closely associated with its parent Wolters-Kluwer.

Ovid’s Connie Hughes explained that in the new branding campaign, a new logo (which replaces Ovid’s own logo) has been introduced for the Wolters-Kluwer enterprises.

With its “multiple images of squares,” she said, the new logo is meant to imply “the unity of the Wolters-Kluwer companies, by encircling them in a wheel graphic.”

Andrew Richardson, Managing Director, International, and Connie Hughes, Director of Marketing and Communications for Ovid, in Ovid’s new look-and-feel stand

In the new stand, largely comprised of draped canvas, photos of Ovid employees are subtly stamped on the suspended backdrops, but as the branding campaign rolls out, images from nature will be used, “instead of people in lab coats sitting at computers” in Ovid’s promotional and corporate materials, said Hughes.

The new stand, with its muted graphic design, premiered at the Frankfurt Book Fair a few weeks ago, but, Hughes said, this is the first time the new look has been shown to the database and search market.

In contast to Thomson’s branding approach, the Wolters-Kluwer parent name is still subservient to the “power brand,” Ovid. And, as a result, if you look for Ovid in the list of exhibitors here, you will still find them under the familiar letter “O”.

Dick Kaser
ITI V.P., Content

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